How to organize your Christmas Ornaments

How do I stay organized and keep my precious Christmas Ornaments safe? Its finally over, the multiple Christmas get togethers and all the fun festivities. But now your ready to decompress and get the clutter out of the house. First thing to go in my house is the Tree. I’ll wait till New Years Eve before I start to deconstruct my tree (even though my husband wants it up till Valentine’s). I always take our most valuable ornaments down first. Our family ornaments that you look forward to seeing every year and for some reason never remember they are in the same box with all the other ornaments.

General ornament packing tools – I’ve seen everything from bubble wrap to paper towels to even Christmas towels wedged in-between your breakable ornaments. But now a days we have better options.

ORNAMENT CONTAINERS!!! I love containers of any size and shape. They are an organizers dream. offers all different kinds from thick fabric containers with sections, to hard plastic storage bins.

Here are my fav’s –

One I love is the Sterilite 48 Quart Holiday Christmas 45 Ornament Storage Box for $19.99 – I love the fact that this bin is plastic and no matter what kind of storage its going to be in it will be safe!

My Favorite is the Premium Christmas Ornament storage Box with Lid – 3-inch Compartment, Storage Container Keeps 64 Holiday Ornaments and Xmas Decorations Accessories. This thing is so cute! I love that it fits so many ornaments safely in the cutest little container. And its only $14.99.

Let me know what you think. What is your best idea for storing your Christmas Ornaments?