How to reach new photography clients….

Sometimes knowing what you want to do and doing it are two different things. When you finally figure out what kind of photographer you are, you can then decide where you market yourself.

1 – what kind of photographer are you?

This is so important not only to gain the “right” kind of client but knowing where to find those right clients. If you’re a family photographer, you need to find that perfect client.  So how do I do that already??? Its all about social media. When you’re a small business and you run it, yourself you need to tap into the marketing that is going to work for you. It’s too easy to Share a post or like it and have all your friends see it. Be a stalker for like ten minuets and go through Facebook. Mutual friends of mutual friends.

2. Using Facebook for finding new clients –

            A – find friends of friends, take a look at their friend count and how many are mutual friends. You want to tap into those people that don’t know you yet. So, the people with 1,000+ friends offer them a free photo session. Check their Facebook pages for professional pictures. Either they keep their pictures to themselves or they don’t have a regular family photographer. Be that family photographer

            B – send a message on Facebook – Tell them you saw you have mutual friends and want to offer them a free session. Leave them your website and contact info. If they want it, they will take the bait.

            C – Post a Competition or drawing – This is so easy to get new clients. Post a simple drawing stating if they like your post they get one entry if they like and share your post they get two entries… you’ll reach so many people this way especially if they want the session bad they will share and now you’ve reached all of their friends too. After the competition is over go through everyone that has entered and see who fits your clientele the best and who would bring in more of the perfect clients that you want and meet your brand. P.S. invite all who liked your post to like your page. Your page likes will go through the roof!!!

            D – Post that you need models – Super easy way to get new people. Post on your page and mom group pages. Ask for models for promotional free shoots, everyone wants a free session. You’ll be amazed at how many people come out of the woodwork.

3 – Collaborating with companies –

            A – Reach out to companies… Boutiques, small businesses, restaurants, bloggers, etc. offer free session. Not only do you get more pictures to post on your website and social media but all these businesses will post the photos you took and anyone that follows them will see your photos and you’re more likely to book off of their free session.

            B – Wedding Collaborations –

For Wedding photographers’ collaborations are super important. It’s a way to touch so many people at one time. I would meet other wedding vendors at bridal shows and then set up collaborative shoots. I would get a bridal shop for dresses, florist, venue, videographers, hair and makeup artists and the models I used were usually parents or teens that I thought could pull it off and I would offer the photos I took to them for free for a portfolio. Everything was on trade and nothing was paid for, so all the companies that worked together would get all the photos for free. Therefore it’s so important to make friends and or be friendly with everyone you meet because you never know who is asking questions about you or what project they might need a photographer for.

In conclusion work for free but make it smart. Use people and places that have a ton of followers and friends. Make sure its your type of client and brand enhancing opportunity.

4 – Bridal Shows –

Bridal shows are amazing! However, they are just as expensive as they are amazing. They are also a lot easier to get into then you think. Just google bridal shows near me and the companies are going to pop up. Email them or contact them on their website. They will contact you back immediately and will probably never stop bothering you. Finding the right bridal show is just like finding the right client. Does it fit your brand or your look? The clients that come to these shows will they be able to afford my prices and like my style. Do your research, check the shows reviews and how much advertising they do. For as expensive as these shows are you are almost guaranteed to find new clients at these shows. Check out my how to have a successful bridal show blog coming soon.

5 – Always update your photos –

As you shoot, you learn new techniques and how to look at things differently. So every time you have a session that is to your standard post it everywhere. Facebook, Insta, website. Always be consistent and post the content that best represents your brand and the look you’re going for.

All in all, be consistent, work your butt of to get yourself out there and then continue to stay consistent and push your work.